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As the founder, I decided to turn my financial skills and experience to helping people use the methods that make the wealthy elite have such an easy lifestyle compared to most regular day-to-day business owners, families, and individuals.

My own story is having an MBA, Master’s in Accounting, decades of business and real estate and building experience. In 2007 I lost everything, including my home and business. After that, I decided that this financial game is rigged and dedicated every moment to uncovering the hidden methods for tax savings and asset protection and giving the banks zero.

After uncovering all these legal methods of private financial wealth management by doing them all myself first, I founded this school with a group of talented and successful past students, now experts who are currently using these methods in our curriculum.

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The Winningest is a school founded to make our student’s lifestyle as easy and problem-free as possible, focusing on private wealth management.

Private meaning your information is as confidential as possible in the digital age and gets in the public as little as possible. Private also refers to confidentially running your affairs without anyone getting in your business, including the government.

Lifestyle means living your life to make the best life possible for you, your loved ones, and your community.

Wealth has many touchpoints such as time, money, and happiness, all making up the basis for your lifestyle. Our school focuses on teaching the legal, financial methods that few except the super-wealthy know.

Management means giving you all the skills you need to turn yourself into your best lifestyle manager. We give you the skills, so you no longer need outside help to manage your finances and lifestyle. You have all the skills yourself.

The legal, financial methods we teach you include our core courses that lay the foundation for your private wealth financial mastery.

Topics in our curriculum include how to set up an onshore tax-free trust, how to build up as much personal and business bank cards and investment money, legal removal of negative items from your personal financial reports, legally qualifying for property tax removal, reducing any IRS issue to zero dollars in payment quickly and easily, prevent any foreclosure seizure by any government or police, blocking any vaccine or immunization, stopping any government or corporate project, preventing any arrest by any law anywhere on earth, zero payment of any student loans with no negative impact on your financial report.

Our curriculum focuses on easy to use legal methods to reduce the amount of money you spend every day by legally not having to pay income, inheritance, or property taxes, as well as how to reduce or remove most or all of your current payments to banks for money without negatively affecting your financial reports. As you use our core methods, you can grow your business or personal finances to your desired expectations.

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We work day in and day out to help our students achieve financial freedom and build their success at home and their businesses.

We work day in and day out to help our students achieve financial freedom and build their success at home and their businesses.

"Wealth management isn’t just for the rich."

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We have helped thousands of students actually fund and design a lifestyle that is fit for them through our high-quality classes and mentorship that are provided within the academy. It has taken years of trial and error to develop the highest caliber of education and culture that now our students can experience. Now is the time for you to take advantage of this truly transformational academy.

Our Students Are Part Of Our THE WINNINGEST Family All The Way Through

At the Winningest we believe that access to our financial tools is a key ingredient in transforming the lives of our students. We strive to constantly improve our tools so that our students can grow and earn their highest potential. We are here to support our students and their financial journey!